Russian River – Keeping it Clean (the saga continues)

gate-along-RRIllegal dumping of yard debris off the path along Russian River east of Badger Park continues even after no dumping signs were posted and the City public works department removed piles of debris and dirt a few months ago to prevent spillage into the river.

In the last week, a large boulder was placed outside the ‘bird streets’ gate access with just enough space for human only passage and no wheelbarrel/carts.  The following, slightly edited for clarity, was contributed by the Russian Riverkeeper organization:

“The boulder was a last resort placed by Syar to block wheelbarrow access to the river as that is how all the yard waste is coming in.

Syar owns the land where yard waste is being dumped and they (Syar) are equally liable even though they didn’t dump it. The boulder is there because someone (we strongly suspect who) is still dumping. If it stops, the boulder could move someday, if it doesn’t, Syar’s next step might to be lock the gate as they can block access and force everyone to go through Badger park (to access the river).  

Syar called Russian Riverkeeper in advance to say they were putting a boulder there and asked if we had any ideas. We didn’t and thanked them for trying to stop the dumping. There’s a contact number on the gate sign in case of any legitimate need to move boulder as Syar is trying to be good neighbors which they have been for allowing access but abuse – like the dumping  – has to be addressed.  Syar is open to suggestions but cannot tolerate any additional dumping and cannot police it either hence the boulder.”