Get Involved


Residents/homeowners interested in serving on one or more committees in 2022/23, send an email to Susan Hogeland at at your earliest convenience. Include the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • House number and street name
  • Telephone contact
  • Email address
  • Committee(s)
  • Indicate if interested in committee chair position (Y/N) (All Committee Chairs must be members of the Association.)

ARCHITECTURAL – Oversees requests for home and front landscaping changes. Three (3) members of the Association, and an alternate.

BUDGET AND FINANCE – Assists Board Treasurer in preparing the annual budget and Capital Reserves for the HOA. Three (3) members of the Association, Treasurer and two (2) or more other members.

CLUBHOUSE – Oversees the clubhouse budget, cleaning contractor and repairs, and sets up the clubhouse for events.

LANDSCAPE – Oversees the common area landscaping budget, the maintenance contractor and any improvements.

PETTY CASH – Handles Association petty cash account.

POOL – Oversees the pool contractor, the pool area, budget, and any improvements or repairs.

RULES – Serves as advisors to the Board on matters relating to the Governing Documents.

SOCIAL – Plans and executes all HOA social events and parties. Committee has own budget and account.