Riverview Holiday First Friday

“Happy Holidays” get together in the Riverview clubhouse, Friday, December 6, at 5:00 P.M. Bring an appetizer and beverage. There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays! Questions? Contact Caryl DeMerritt ctheladybug@comcast.net 707 433-8962

Day Labor Centers – Informational

A new link has been added to the RESOURCES page on this website regarding the availability of day labor workers. The following information was provided by the Program Manager, November 21, 2019, and is subject to change without notice. ”…

Riverview 2020 Board of Directors Elections Reminders

11/15/19 Mail out ballots to homeowners11/24/19 Meet the Candidates night in the Riverview Clubhouse, 6-7 PM. 12/17/19 Return of completed ballots by homeowners 12/18/19 Counting of ballots and election results. Clubhouse 6 PM.

Riverview Annual Meeting 11/6

The Riverview HOA homeowners annual meeting will take place Wednesday, November 6, 7 PM, in the clubhouse. The Riverview board of directors meeting will follow the annual meeting.

Chili Supper Sunday Honoring First Responders

You Are Invited To A Chili Supper Sunday Nov 10 4-6 PM At Riverview Clubhouse 1145 Orchard, Healdsburg TEXT RSVP LIZ: 707.227.4314 Bring Pots of Chili, Condiments, Salads, Desserts, Cornbread Etc. BYOB RSVP BY Wednesday 11/6 (today)

Chili Supper This Sunday

In honor of our first responders, come to a Chili Supper Sunday, November 10, 4-6 PM, Riverview Clubhouse. RSVP by Wednesday, November 5. View this invite for details: https://rviewhoa.com/final-chile-supper-flyer-to-riverview-f-pdf/

Timely Updates

Per the Pool Committee, the spa thermistor is broken, there is a minor leak in the pump room; there is a broken pool filter clamp and replacements parts are no longer available requiring a new pool filter clamp. While the…

Nominations for Riverview Board of Directors

Wednesday November 6, 2019, at 6 PM in the Riverview clubhouse, the Riverview HOA will hold it’s 2019 Annual Meeting. At that meeting nominations will be put forward or accepted for members of the Riverview II Board of Directors for…

Line Dance Classes Continue

Lessons the first Tuesday of the month, from 7-8 PM, starting November 5. Cost $10/session. Riverview Clubhouse.

Riverview Get Together

Riverview II residents “First Friday” continues. November 1st, 5 PM in the clubhouse. Bring an appetizer to share and your beverage! (byob).