Board of Directors Online Meeting

A meeting of the Riverview II Board of Directors is scheduled for 10:00am January 13, 2021. The meeting will be held via conference call with a video option. Log in information will be sent to all homeowners.

Food Needed for Local Food Pantry

Have extra citrus fruit on your trees? Farm to Pantry has volunteer gleaners who can come out to pick your excess fruit and make sure it gets to those in need.  Here’s the contact link:https://www.farmtopantry.org/extraproduce

Board of Directors Meeting

An online Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for 10:00am December 16, 2020. Log in information to follow.

Holiday Help for Healdsburg’s Shelterless

Reach for Home, a nonprofit organization focused on caring for Healdsburg’s shelterless and needy, will be giving away holiday bags of essential items to these members of our local community. Lisa Joseph (339 Grandview Court) is organizing donations from Riverview…

Homeowners Annual Meeting Nov. 11th

Riverview II Homeowners Annual Meeting will be held November 11th at 10:00am via conference call. Meeting notices were previously sent to all homeowners.

Pool is Now Closed

The Riverview II pool is now closed and will reopen in Spring 2021 (date to be determined)

Board of Directors Meeting

Riverview II Board of Directors will meet 9/10/20 at 10am via conference call. The call in information was sent to all homeowners on 8/26 in the agenda and is posted at the Clubhouse. Click on this link to view the…

Premier Property Services

A description of services provided by Premier Property Services, our new property management company, has been added to the Members Section of Riverview II’s website. Owners can log in to view the list of services they will provide to our…

Board of Directors Special Meeting

The Riverview II Board of Directors is holding a Special Meeting on Friday, July 31st at 6pm in the pool deck area. Face coverings are required to attend. For more information click this link: https://rviewhoa.com/rvhoa2-assets/uploads/Board-of-Directors-Special-Meeting.pdf

Summer at Riverview II

There’s been a lot happening here at Riverview this summer! While we’re staying close to home and keeping a safe physical distance, many are finding ways to connect and socialize. Small groups are meeting at happy hour with their chairs…