Badger Park River Access Plan

Healdsburg’s Parks Design Team is seeking public review of their plans for the Badger Park redevelopment and river access, including the property behind Riverview’s river commons open space. The public comment period is open until May 22, 2021.

The plan proposes public restrooms and picnic areas on the Riverview path to the river. See attached drawings The impact to the Riverview, Riverside and Rivers Bend communities includes a path from the river through Riverview to Orchard Street. Public beach parking on Orchard and adjacent streets would create congestion with no sidewalks for pedestrians and impede emergency vehicles.

If you’d like to comment about this plan, request plan removal of public access to the river through Riverview, and/or building fencing along those communities to maintain privacy and security, your thoughts regarding Badger Park Public Beach Reach can be directed to Mark Themig, Community Services Director: