As reported at the homeowners board meeting Thursday September 3, there is evidence of the presence of rats in the pool area.  In reality there is proof of rats throughout the area…rat carcass and sightings of rats running across backyard patios. Ugh.

The UC Davis Pest Management website has good many tips for controlling rats and mice.

For example, the site explains that for roof rats in particular, thinning dense vegetation will make the habitat less desirable. Climbing hedges such as Algerian or English ivy, star jasmine, and honeysuckle on fences or buildings are conducive to roof rat infestations and should be thinned or removed if possible, as should overhanging tree limbs within 3 feet of the roof. Separate the canopy of densely growing plants such as pyracantha and juniper from one another and from buildings by a distance of 2 feet or more to make it more difficult for rats to move between them.

Click on the links above for more details about both types of rodents.