Architecture Committee Notice

The Architecture committee did a walk around the complex to check on landscaping, etc. and sent out a notice on 4/22 to all homes that it’s time to cleanup and we will do another walk around the week of May 4.  This is what the notice said:

Hi Everyone

It’s clean up time again for the Riverview complex. The architectural committee has done a walk thru and will be doing another the week of May 4. Now might be a good time to get those weeds before they spread, clear any dead or dying plants or those that look unsightly from the winter frosts and generally sprucing up your property.

For those with junipers – you may want to think about replacing, cutting way back or trimming the bottoms away. You can look at 304 Orchard to see that kind of trimming that looks like.. This will help prevent hiding places for rodents and diminish fire problems – they are highly flammable.

Thanks from the Architectural Committee