elcweblogo300x100The following are landscaping tips and information that may be of interest.

Attached is a link to a website for EcoLandscape CA, an educational non-profit organization based in Sacramento, whose mission is to provide education and advocate for ecologically responsible landscapes. The “New California Landscape” section has¬†ideas and plans for landscapes with¬†climate-appropriate plants, lower water use, resource efficient, less maintenance, and reducers of pollution and chemical use. Per EcoLandscape, the public can use any of the plans and resources. Sonoma County is in Region 1, so on the plant profiles, refer to the water-use classification for that region. The EcoLandscape CA “Resources link” has more landscape plans and references with more plans in the future including those that feature rain gardens and other “river-friendly” principles and materials. [Note: These links are in the Riverview website RESOURCES section; EcoLandscape California provided the logo and permission to use on this website.]

On the Riverview website RESOURCES section, additional links are being added for plant lists, water efficient ideas, etc. Check out the RESOURCES section!