Pet Poison ALERT – update

One of our Riverview II neighbors on Prune Tree Drive found POISONOUS Tylenol-laced meatballs in their backyard this weekend.  Such substances are intended to poison beloved pet dogs; these are NOT accidental poisonings and are occurring in our own backyards. This is not the first occurrence in Riverview II and must be stopped! The person/persons leaving poisonous substances in our yards are trespassing; they walk between homes and toss poisonous tidbits in backyards. Be on the lookout for suspicious persons and actions; take a picture of the person if you can for evidence; check your yard for signs of poisonous objects; supervise your dog in both your yards and the common green spaces and teach him/her the “leave it” command. Lastly, know who to call in an emergency and where to go.

Anyone who has a problem with barking dogs, should call Sonoma County Animal Control to make a report and not take the matter in their own hands.

5/17 update. This from the City of Healdsburg website:

Animal Control

The City of Healdsburg contracts animal care and control services through a partnership with Sonoma Humane Society and Petaluma Animal Services Foundation.  Under the contract, Sonoma Humane Society operates a day use facility located at 14242 Bacchus Landing Way entitled Healdsburg Center, where residents can view animals available for adoption, license their animal, reunite with lost animals, or surrender animals.  The day use facility is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  Additionally, Sonoma Humane Society operates out of their main facility located at 5345 Highway 12, Santa Rosa 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm.

An animal control officer is on-duty in the City of Healdsburg and ready to respond to calls for service Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm. To contact the Healdsburg Center or to report an animal related complaint, please call 707-280-9632.

For after hour emergency calls related to sick, vicious or injured animals, please contact the Healdsburg Police Department dispatch at 707-431-3377.