Earlier today (3/30/2015), a Healdsburger who lives across town advised a resident of Riverview that last week her dog ingested RAT POISON while staying with friends in RIVER’S BEND while they were out of town. It is not known where the dog found the poison because the dog sitters walked him among all 3 River* communities and up and down streets off Fitch Mtn.

Coincidentally, within the last 4 weeks, another dog staying with a RIVERVIEW neighbor on Prune Tree also ingested RAT POISON and became violently ill and hospitalized. Both dogs survived this horrible ordeal. There is more than one form of rat poison but generally are considered highly poisonous to other animals as well as humans.

Accidental or not, this is at least the 4th dog poisoning in the River* communities in the last year and a half, although the other 2 were by other chemicals. While reports to both HPD and Animal Control have or are being submitted, there is no proof yet that a particular person(s) is responsible for these vehement acts. In the meantime, keep watch for and report any strange activity and keep an eye on what pets eat off the ground.