In response to requests for exterminator information, below is some vendor information and additional commentary from your Riverview neighbors:

“I like to feed the birds….but I was also feeding squirrels. I bought squirrel proof feeders but the squirrels learned how to access the food and they dropped so much seed the rats were joining them. I had to stop feeding the birds and hired “The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control” – 707-526-6055 – to get rid of the rats. After about five months of their service I have been cleared of the problem of mice. “

“We have been using Clark pest control. Close all outside vents will help.”

“I just trap and dispose. If the residents would be encouraged to pick up fruit off ground that would help I think. I go to Dollar store, get traps, and dispose of trap and mouse/rat all together!”

Also, there’s a ton of information on rodent control on the internet. This is one page I came across with some straight forward simple steps for keeping the little critters out of the home: There is no shortage of vendor recommendations on the social network site “Nextdoor”,