Earlier today a couple of men wearing dark apparel were reportedly seen strolling¬†through Riverview, peeking in the dumpster on Grandview, and attempting to climb the locked gate that leads into the river commons. It appears they did not have a key to the gate — which would lead one to believe they were trespassing. A Riverview resident told them public access to the river was possible from Badger Park, and off they went. It’s not clear what, if anything, they were up to–maybe nothing.

Bottom line: Be cautious. Keep your house and vehicles doors locked. If you see suspicious behavior or persons in Riverview, contact the Police. There’s at least 4 vacant homes in the Riverview community — if you seen person/s snooping around those properties, call the Police — do not confront the person. ¬†No situation is too small or minor to contact HPD about.